Real Time Tracking

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Know your fleet vehicle activities

real time

every 10 seconds

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Improve fleet recovery

In case of vehicle theft, one of the benefits of real time tracking is to help you locate and recover stolen vehicle easily.

Improve your customer service

With real-time tracking, you have the access to vehicle information including current location, speed, and how far it is to its destination. In case of delay, your customer won’t have to wait with uncertainty by communicating with them the estimated time of delivery.

Reduce fuel expenses

When you install a GPS real-time tracker on your vehicles, you know when an employee is idling or using the vehicle without your permission. Idling and unauthorized usage are the leading cause of fuel wastage.

Reduce insurance costs

Insurance companies provide special discounts on vehicles that are equipped with GPS tracking systems. You can reduce your premium amount by as much as 35%! Another great benefit of a GPS fleet management system, isn’t it?

Reduce driver's excuses

Didn't pick up? Traffic jam? Location doesn't match? Stolen time?

Your driver will now have hard time to answer you, if they aren't honest.

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