Route History Playback

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Know every dropping points of your fleet on

exact location

exact date

exact time

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Best route, less cost

With historical playback, inefficient routes used by drivers can be monitored, and be improved with standardized efficient routes for reducing operational costs.

Driver's Laziness?

Now, your drivers will only spend their time on work because you will know how long they spend on each destination.

Routing Simulation

Our Routing Simulation plays back your fleet's vehicles' activities from start point to every drop point

Months of historical data

Need to trace back months of data for your company's operational needs? Let our tracking reports handle it for you, or our historical playback.

Reports & Charts

With our powerful data from our tracking history stored on database, charts, reports, routing simulation all made available at your disposal.


Yes. We also notified you when your drivers breached the speeding limit set by you.

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