Your drivers  speeding

...that's why you need a vehicle Fleet Management System

What if you could try a complete
GPS Fleet Management System
at RM0 ?



013-333 1119

Gardenia, Telekom Malaysia, SBS Transit,
& 5007+ companies
are using our  
Tracking Technology
& still counting..

Why is it free?

We understand that you would like to try a fleet tracking system before paying anything

Hence, we can afford to let you try our 20-years tracking technology to help solving your fleet management issues

" Only a reliable Fleet Management System company
is capable of providing you a free trial "

" Unlike other one-man-show company which close 

business months later & 

you lose your tracker support completely "


vehicles recovered


vehicle recovery rate


kilometers tracked 

What's included in the FREE Trial?

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    Complete Trackers hardware installation on your vehicles
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    Fleet Reporting Software (exportable)
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    A consultant to guide you utilize our tracking system and reporting
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    You have access to everything we provide for a complete Fleet Management System ecosystem

Fleet Manager / Owner operating a fleet of Vehicles?

Then, you are qualified to try
our Fleet Tracking System for

All you have to do is CALL us at

013-333 1119

You can also Whatsapp/Message us 

and we respond typically within an hour

NOTE: By participating in our RM0 Fleet Management System Programme,
you will also be enrolled for the RM1 Million Subsidy Tracker Fund


Do you want to get 
RM1 Million Subsidy Tracker Fund?

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    You get the fund that is primarily allocated for Fleet Modernization Program for  businesses with fleet of vehicles

...highly specialized for Logistic, Distribution and Utility

It's worry-free ​(simple to use) our fleet management solutions!

Even a kid knows how to operate
our fleet management software


A consultant guides you use our GPS tracker ecosystem
(again at RM0)

It's our promise — we provide you a full guidance

so that you will never ever be confused in using our 

GPS tracker system and software.

Save few hours a day using our
99.7% Uptime Fleet Tracking System

Vehicle Real-Time Tracking

Route History Playback

Fuel Monitoring

Reports & Charts


Instant Alert to Phone

(low battery, alarm triggered, towing, device tampering)

Mobile Apps
(iOS and Android)

Website Full Admin Access

Strong infrastructure

In-House Engineers

Why over 5007 companies choose Veresy?

A complete access of Fleet Management System.. without PAYING

It's RM0 to try our Fleet Tracking System.

Unlike others require you to pay hardware, software and all costs involved just to try their system.

No more losing your vehicles again!

We have been recovering vehicles since 1999.

We are talking about 20-years tracking technology as your reliable fleet management system partner.

Fleet Modernization Subsidy Funds

Let's make it a double win.

You will also be enrolled for the RM1 Million Fleet Modernization Subsidy Funds along with all other promotions.

Only highly trained Malaysian Technicians

At Veresy, we only hire local highly trained qualified Technicians (e.g. Chinese, Sabahan, Malay, India etc)

Many companies cut cost by hiring these unqualified foreign technicians (some don't even understand our language) and cause all sort of technical breakdown problems during or after installation.

Specialized for Logistic, Distribution and Utility

Our Fleet Management System is specifically built to solve all problems of managing fleet for Logistic, Distribution and Utility.

No breakdown without fixes

We are the manufacturers and we have the most updated tracking technology with our in-house engineers and technicians.

​Most companies can't fix their tracker when problems arise because they are dealers importing the hardware from other manufacturers.

Our GPS tracker follows you wherever you are at Malaysia

We support all states at Malaysia.

So, wherever your vehicles are at Malaysia,

we have got you covered in terms of both coverage and technical support.

RM0 Tracker Access


RM1 Million Subsidy

Solve your all fleet management problems today

013-333 1119

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